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I am an individual stuck in a rut who loves to re-name her 21 cats in the cabin she lives in at the edge of that god-awful forest on the other side of China that no one can reach.

Friday, October 30, 2009

When your bird is broken, will it weigh you down?

I don't think my style can be more properly epitomized in 3 photos. I definitely need to invest in more oxford shirts and when spring arrives, more denim shorts. The black tights ordeal is already covered. Oh, and I need the red lipstick too!

So, yeah, who has kind of disappeared off the face of the earth? Me! I've been overwhelmingly busy with school and Fall Play (it opens in 5 days!). And my grades are straight B's...with one roundable A (in my hardest class, what the heck). So, another unexpected hiatus might soon come.

But, I'll comment everyone back, and thanks for still reading. Since yesterday, which was the first time I checked my site in forever, I have had 200 views. Really? Wow!

Please keep checking back. I am very much alive. Just deprived of sleep.

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