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I am an individual stuck in a rut who loves to re-name her 21 cats in the cabin she lives in at the edge of that god-awful forest on the other side of China that no one can reach.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Art History Much?

This really is a pointless post. I have nothing to write concerning fashion. Nothing's going on in my world; I'm sick, I'm studying, and I'm writing several pointless papers, including one on forensic sculpting. It's pretty gross once you look at it in depth.

But, I thought I would like to point out the new Art History game on freerice.com. If you didn't know, I love Art History, and I hope to study it in college. But, point saying is that your knowledge of art (and even fashion references) improves because of this game. I now know the difference between a painting by Camille Pissarro and Berthe Morisot, two painters which I got confused with often.

Remember when Klimt was suddenly all the rage in the fashion world about a year ago? Pretty much all his paintings are on there.

And it's Thanksgiving for God's sake. Give to those who don't really have food right now. And yes, feel guilty that you're pigging away on stuffing leftovers.

(Just kidding.)

So, I have nothing to say. Hopefully, I fulfill your somewhat need for a post.

Hope you have a nice rest of the weekend!

Friday, November 28, 2008

home sweet home

I'm too tired and sick (possible bronchitus?) to make another post.

Definitely tomorrow.
And thanks to those who actually cared to comment on my going away post.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On The Road Again

So, I'm heading to visit family in New York.

I won't be home until Friday, so I'll get back to all your comments then.

But, thank you all so much for the support! I didn't know what type of feedback I would recieve, and I am so glad it was so positive.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

American Apparel Intervention

[5 people are sitting in a half circle with one open seat in the middle. Starting from stage left going to their right: GINNY, a normal girl with wavy brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin; JORGE, a Hispanic scene kid overstraightened flat jet black hair; DENISE, a shy girl with short blonde bob cut and a bow headband; PASCALE, a red head with a beard, who is wearing WesC headphones and is jamming out to “Holland, 1945” loudly, and, KATE, a 14-year-old girl who tries too hard to channel Cory Kennedy.]

Enter JOAN, intervention head. She looks as though she was a former mannequin for Talbots. She walks out with tablet in hand.

JOAN: Hello everyone, my name is Joan. I will be conducting this inter-I mean "helpful discussion" today.
JOAN: You are all here today to...
JOAN: Excuse me, sir...
KATE [ripping off PASCALE's headphones]: Dude. Woah.
JOAN: Now, may we begin please?
[JOAN pauses in motion and expects response. KATE looks at the cuticles of her nailbeds.]
JOAN: Okay, so you are all here to discuss your addiction to...[Opens tablet] American Apparel?
JOAN: Now, let's go around and state your name and your addiction. This is your first step in recovery.
[Everyone but JOAN groans.]
JORGE: I mean, gosh! That's so stereotypical. If we know why we're here, why can't we just go on with this? I mean, we're already uncomfortable as it is. You know what I mean?
[The word "mean" echoes.]
JOAN: Okay, so, then Jorge, why don't you go first. How did your addiction begin?
JORGE: So, you know, I first saw American Apparel when walking down the street, and I was like, "SO AWESOME!" So, I walked in, and me, being all different and stuff, decided to buy all their Composition T-Shirts. I, like, died, you know?
KATE: I have one of those shi-
JORGE: You know, so then, I kept going back for me, and I was like, addicted, you know? And [GINNY takes out a beat-up copy of Dazed and Confused and opens in the middle and begins reading.] I like orgasm every time I walk in there! IT'S SO-
JOAN: Do you mind?
GINNY: Excuse me?
JOAN: Do you mind putting your magazine away? It's part of the recovery process to listen to those with the same problems as you.
[GINNY stares at JOAN and then puts away her magazine.]
JOAN: As you were saying... [Waves hand to indicate name]
JORGE: The name's Jorge. Anyways, so, it's just SOOO AMAZING! [giggles]
JOAN: All right, Jorge. Now, Reader, what is your story?
GINNY: It's Ginny. I just went there because there's not many places in my town to shop.
JOAN: Is that it?
GINNY: Basically.
JOAN: So, why are you here?
GINNY: My American Eagle wearing friends sent me.
JOAN: Oh, okay. [yawns and attempts to keep my eyes open] So, let's get this over with, shall we? Now, do all of you feel you need to be cured of your addiction?
JOAN: Why?
KATE [slurred lazy speech]: BecauseIfeellikeIammyselfatAmericanApparel. LikeIdon'tknowthefeeling. It'sasthoughI'malive, onheroin. Icannotbelieveit. And...Idon'tknow.
JOAN: Can you repeat, please?
KATE: BecauseIfeellikemeat-
PASCALE [slight lisp]: I don't want to be cured.
JOAN: Why don't you want to-
PASCALE: Pashcale. Because I like American Apparel. I like their Sh-lim Sh-lacks. Oh, did you all hear? The price of Sh-lim Sh-lacks went up to sh-venty four dollarsh!
GINNY: Noooo!
KATE: Why?
DENISE: That sucks.
JORGE: My life is like over.
GINNY: I was saving up for the red ones too.
KATE: Iown3ofthosesosuckit.
JOAN: CALM DOWN EVERYONE! Three deep breaths. One...two...three. Now, let's continue. Now, you [points to DENISE], why American Apparel?
DENISE: I like it.
JOAN: Well...
[As JOAN waits for a response, DENISE produces a blank stare.]
JOAN: Well, as the flyer states, you should not be wearing American Apparel now, has everyone followed this?
PASCALE: Mish, I would have to come naked if you didn't want me to wear American Apparel. It'sh all I have.
JOAN: What?
KATE: Ifyouwantmetostrip, that'sfine.
JOAN: Don't you guys have some real clothing?
[Everyone but Joan gasps.]
[Puts on 30h!3 cap and exits, stage right]
KATE [under breath]: Perv.
[PASCALE glares, puts headphones on and exits stage right]
GINNY: You must at least repect the clothing we have. If you would excuse me...
[Takes PS1 bag and exits. KATE follows]
JOAN [sighs and turns to DENISE]: Well... [points towards exit]
[DENISE gets up and scurries off]

Joan gazes around the circle and puts her head in her hands.

Black out.

End scene.

(Oh, and a small PS: Kate is not supposed to directly depict Cory Kennedy. I know Cory Kennedy probably doesn't want to strip in front of a group of awkward strangers.)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I came, I saw, I conquered

As I procrastinate a paper about guess who--yes, I metaphorically point to the title--I will express my opinion on this:

So, this outfit...
a) is awesome
b) totally me. I would seriously walk out the door in this outfit.

Is it just me or is Cory Kennedy stepping up her game a little bit? Not so sloppy?

So, your opinion?

And thanks for all your comments!! Appreciate it mucho.

Credit: Cory Kennedy's Blog

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Please Buy Me These

So, I'm horrible. No update for forever. I apologize. It was mainly fall play, which closed on Sunday with a fantastic show. Now, I'm catching up on my homework, sadly enough.

So, as I procrastinate, I'll just make something of my shopping list. Well, my DREAM shopping list.

I think of my style as half tomboy, half Brit (the McQueen clutch really puts that out there), and half of my own personality.

Okay, so, it isn't UBER CRAZY UNUSUAL in big neon letters, but it's me at least. I'm confident in what I wear and don't try to either look like a scene kid or Cory Kennedy (who I must admit is very cool, so no offense to her).

And also, you might think Wayfarers are "totally overused" or "out." If you really like them, wear them. By gosh, people! Don't follow trends! Be you.

(That was not intentionally made to sound like a school counselor.)

But, good news. Camera might be a happening thing...after Christmas. At Fall Play, I pretty much fell in love with two versions of the Canon Powershot. But, I like this one:

If you have this or another camera, tell me what you thought!!

Okay, done.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Funny how people change, isn't it?

(Also, OBAMA WON! I'm not going to make an entire post on it though. I'm far too lazy)

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hi, my name is Ginny, Gin for short, hence the name of the site. I'm sophomore in high school...total geek, fashion and theatre wise.

So, my first blog, citychicplease, had a funny name. Isn't this better? That's what I think. And I was slightly impersonal or whatever (my true apologies for that).

But, enough about bad memories. I've loved fashion since the summer after sixth grade (I used to be a HUGE tomboy). I thought it was such a cool world. A bit nostalgic looking back on it...

So, I'll eventually post pictures once I:
a) get a cellular device
b) get a camera.
(My mum does have an SLR, but I'm always so afraid I'll drop it or something).

Hope to talk to you all soon...