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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Little J actually sings.

I actually really like Taylor Momsen. Being her age, there's not anyone like her that I know. Just mainstream drones who love that stupid new 3OH!3 song (please take it off the radio).

But, she sings! I guess the new demo is okay. It's definitely not horrible. No stupid 3OH!3. Thank the Lord...let's just hope Leighton's as good as her.

Gossip Girl finale coming up! Excited...

But, here listen to it and see what you think:

And did you hear about this lawsuit over Kendra Spears (the model)? Ford is quite protective of their "rising star," aren't they? Click here to read.

Oh, and if I suddenly go "missing" for a couple weeks, I can be found under a World History textbook, studying for the SAT World History.


yiqin; said...

Wow, leighton sings too!

THE BAT said...

i can't wait for the GG spin off this week!

F Blog said...

woah didn't know she was a singer!

Char.Lotte said...
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Char.Lotte said...

I like how Taylor Momsen is precocious in a cool edgy way. and I'm trying to decide if I like Leighton's singing, I think maybe I'll have to wait to hear more but it isn't a disaster or anything!