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Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Monthly Review- April 2009

It's already the end of April. What??

But, quick Monthly Review. A TON of homework!


Lisztomania- Phoenix
Duh. Enough said. This is the new official video. I love!

MOST NEEDED ITEM:Pair of Black Pants
Black pants, how I need you so. I'm such a monochromatic freak (Grey and I are, lyk, omg, BESTIES!), and I've been begging for a chic, well-fitting pair that doesn't look like I'm about to perform in an orchestra.

About 40 Thai exchange students arrived at my school 2 weeks ago, and I always become involved in the program. This year, there is one girl who I met who is extremely stylish. She even has a Miu Miu purse! My jealousy (well, actually, I only like Miu Miu bags, but that's for another post)! Anyways, here's the one thing she said that totally made me die...in a Rachel Zoe way:

Friend: "So, do you know who Alexander Wang is?"

Shocked, I immediately reply how much I love him. Yes, I have finally met someone in the flesh who loves Alexander Wang! This is how sad my town/life is.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Believe me, after this hard week, I'm craving for it...


Anonymous said...

i love phoenix. well i love their song "napoleon says" really good stuff

and i can understand your enthusiasm at finding someone in the flesh who knows as much about fashion as you do. even at parsons i still find difficulty finding someone who knows as much as me.

yiqin; said...

Yes, black pants is a must!

F Blog said...

I am needing some good black pants too!!
Lovely post!

brooke said...

i need black pants too at the moment! i get how hard it is to find a fashion interested person that you can talk to about fashion properly! I have finally found one but damn it was a struggle!