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I am an individual stuck in a rut who loves to re-name her 21 cats in the cabin she lives in at the edge of that god-awful forest on the other side of China that no one can reach.

Friday, July 31, 2009

I smelt your scent on the seatbelt.

My current loves...in a love square, to put it cornily.

I know this is a fashion blog, but I really am interested in a lot of things equally, such as music, art, literature, and movies. Oh, and the taste of candy, haha.

And as you can see, no Beatles/George Harrison. You guys should already know I love them/him already.

Oh, loved and appreciated the feedback from the last post! I really appreciate it.

What are your current loves and obsessions?


thimbles and gingham said...

i love wes anderson soundtracks too. and oversized button downs. it the moment i love driving while the sun is out. it makes me feel so happy.

lydia said...

haha, i love everything in your love square!

thanks SO much for the links! for some reason i didn't even see those shoes when i looked on the site..but those are great! i think i might get either the kimchi & blue wedges or the miss sixty ones.

yiqin; said...

I want hersleys dark chocolate <3

Malena said...

George Harrison is definitely the best Beatle. And I'm currently obsessed with British comedies like Spaced and Snuffbox.

Kumiko Mae said...

I love the stuff you've chosen :D