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Thursday, August 13, 2009

A little rhythm on the side, just for good measure...

La Javanaise - Serge Gainsbourg
A Shot of Rhythm and Blues - The Beatles
I'm Confused - Handsome Furs
Pretty Visitors - Arctic Monkeys
When They Fight, They Fight - The Generationals
Desolation Row - Bob Dylan
Shadows - Au Revoir Simone
This Time Tomorrow - The Kinks
Salieri's Deposit - Lightspeed Champion

Finally saw Almost Famous maybe a week or two ago, and it was amazing. Absolutely brilliant.

Also, thanks for all the comments! I pretty much got all of them within 2 days! Thanks so much!

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lydia said...

love love love love all these songs!

thimbles and gingham said...

nice choice with the kinks. they're pretty much my favourite band, ever.

sexyinthecity said...

Great selection!!
Love S.Gainsbourg!! and Artic Monkeys, Bod Dylan an The kinks!!!!
I don't know the others but I'll try to hear about them ;)


coco said...

I love Almost Famous. I watched it again just last week, such a good movie.

Malena said...

i love Lester Bangs in Almost Famous. He's one of my favorite writers, and I thought he was played very well.

Aya Smith said...

I have yet to see it Almost Famous... I am getting curious now though, and great songs! :D

yiqin; said...

Great vid.

She's Dressing Up said...

Great playlist!
Almost Famous is my favourite movie ever ever ever.

Wendy-May said...

o i love almost famous, i will have to watch it again now x

Lauren said...

Almost Famous is such a classic. You have amazingly rad music taste!

x x x

hippyhippychic said...

love that film so much.
penny lane rocks some cool outfits