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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Alexander Wang: Uber love?

So, I was actually really disappointed by Alexander Wang's S/S 09 collection. I dunno, I never wear color. It wasn't me. And plus, I'm not sporty. I died last summer during summer gym (summer gym is when you have to take gym over the summer, so you could have gotten a lunch the next school year, which I still didn't due to bad scheduling on my councilor's part...).

But, I saw this all black collection with some white, which just epitomizes me in general, and I just died inside. I went bananas (yes, Rachel Zoe-ism indeed). I can't decide what I like more: the amazing flat boots, the fantastic geometric cuff, the Margiela-esque white oxford shirts, or just...everything! It was so good. Hence the crappy, paint valentine above.

On another note, I finally got the Metro Chic nail polish from Sephora after a couple months of it being sold out. It's an amazing color, and I can't wait to paint my nails tonight.

And since none of you got where my writing thing was loosely based upon, here's the giveaway.


yiqin; said...

Did you see his non earring earrings! They were brilliant!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment gin.

alexander wang was good. i think it's really going to grow on me with time. it's not as good as fall 0809. but i think i'm learning to accept that he won't do a collection that good again unless he gets a new stylist.