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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

To twit or not to twit?

So, I was thinking of getting a Twitter to get to know the bloggers on here better. Is it a good idea? I have no clue.

And also...

JUNE 16th - JUNE 18th

Yes, I'm going to New York! We're doing a lot of the tourist-y things (bleh, but hey, it's part of a choir trip; what would you expect?), but there will definitely be a ton of free time for shopping regular stores, not outlet malls. I'm so excited!

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♥ fashion chalet said...

Little Women boring ????

HOW DARE SHE!?! hahhah, Laurie (Bale) alone has me transfixed the entire time, when he is off screen, then yeah, maybe it's a little boring!... haha! ;]


lydia said...

AWESOME. i love doing super touristy things in nyc and shopping in non-outlet malls! have fun!

also, about the twitter thing-i have one but i've never used it. i don't personally know anyone who has a twitter, so maybe if you got one, i'd have a reason to...uh...tweet.

Stacy said...

twitter is kind of weird, but you should at least check it out.

brooke said...

i have just started!! join in, we can be novices together. ah congratulations on the trip. so damn exciting!!

xx Brooke

PS haha my secret code word thing to type in was "saless" - hope you encounter some good ones in NY!!

Andrea said...

Woot New York! That's pretty exciting! Have fun shopping... I'm sure you'll find a killer vintage store though!

yiqin; said...

I wish I get to go out instead of staying in Singapore & going to work!!! bahh

THE BAT said...

this is a gorgeous picture! have fun in New York that's awesome! i love your new song. have you found any good stuff lately? i'm really in need of some new stuff.

filthy lust said...

have fun lady, jealous.