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Monday, February 9, 2009

My Fashionable Dream

Now, if anyone determines what TV show episode this is based off, I will love you forever and feature you in my next post.

[GINNY is sleeping in her bed. The sheets that cover her visually move up and down as she breathes. She lies on her side towards her alarm clock that shines an off-yellow light from its face. The time says 2:34 AM.]

[Suddenly, a ghost-like CARINE ROITFELD appears above her head. She is wearing a Margiela coat, a simple black knee-length dress, and Christopher Kane ankle boots. Surprisingly, her features have many similarities to Ginny’s friend Sara, not Carine Roitfeld.]

CARINE ROITFELD: Bonjour Ginny! Bonjour…?
GINNY [waking up]: Hello?
CARINE: Bonjour, I am Carine Roitfeld.
GINNY [rubbing eyes]: You’re Carine Roitfeld? You kind of look like my friend. That would have been the most–
CARINE: So, Ginny, I come to your call about your fashion problems.
CARINE: Your clothes, your shoes...
GINNY: I know that, but I don’t know your phone number.
CARINE [head in hands]: Of course you don’t know my phone number. Julia probably doesn’t know my phone number. I don’t even know my phone number!
GINNY: I am very sorry to hear that.
CARINE: That’s okay. So, as I was saying, your wardrobe? Is it dysfunctional?
GINNY [sitting up in bed]: Yes. I mean, look at my closet! [points to closet] It consists of just shades of grey and some occasional blue. [CARINE floats over to closet to have a look] And my jewelry! Sure, that necklace is Marc by Marc Jacobs, but the guitar shape is really getting on my nerves. [CARINE floats over to her guitar watch necklace and attempts to pick it up, but her hand cannot grasp it]
CARINE: Well, I must agree with the necklace. Though remotely cool, it is in no way classy.
GINNY: Agreed. But, I’m stuck. I need a better wardrobe. I have no real inspiration. I’m in this shell, and I can’t really get out. I’m very enclosed.
CARINE: Basically, you’re scared.
GINNY: Not really, just my personality is unwilling to break free for some reason. [CARINE floats over and sits on the bed]
CARINE: You’re being very serious, yes?
GINNY: I guess. [large audible sigh] I don’t know.
CARINE: Well, it helps to know Karl Lagerfeld.
[awkward silence]
GINNY: Well, what if you don’t know him?
CARINE: Oh yes! I know! Uh, um [becomes frazzled and looks around frantically] here. [CARINE suddenly takes her studded Givenchy blazer out of her coat pocket and hands it to GINNY]
GINNY: How did you take that out of your pocket?
CARINE: Like I said, I know Karl.
GINNY: But, Carine, I can’t accept this. It’s too beautiful.
CARINE: Um, that’s how I bought it. Its love has been replaced by the YSL cage heels. Take it or else. [CARINE gives GINNY a grimacing glare]
GINNY: Okay! Okay, I’ll take it. Just let me hold it for a second. [CARINE rolls her eyes and gives GINNY the blazer to hug. GINNY hugs for a couple seconds and gives it back to CARINE]
GINNY: Could you put it in my closet? I’m too lazy to do so myself. [CARINE glares at GINNY once more and moves the blazer to the closet]
CARINE [looking at clock]: Gosh, it is late, isn’t it? I have lunch scheduled with Emmanuelle tomorrow. I should go.
GINNY: Merci, Carine.
CARINE: De rien, Ginny. Remember to wear your blazer tomorrow. It has to be with black skinny pants.
GINNY: I’ll be sure to do that.
CARINE: I’ll be off. Au revoir!
GINNY: Au revoir!
[GINNY waves slightly as CARINE fades away. She then puts her head back on her pillow and goes to sleep. A second later, GINNY’s alarm clock rings, and it’s 6:15 AM. She looks towards her closet to see if CARINE’s beloved blazer is still there. The hanger is empty.]
GINNY: Dammit.

Immediate black out.

End scene.

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lydia said...

hahaha, i have no idea what tv show that was based off of, but that was hilarious. don't you wish you actually had a dream like that?!

kellina said...

ginny, j'adore carine and by searching for her i found your blog which j'adore now as well! i really agree with the sentiment of your dream, being bored with your wardrobe in the midst of this dreary winter and wanting fairy godmother extraordinaire to make it all better. bon rêve!

yiqin; said...

Ah great post!

Anonymous said...

lol crazy dream. i love how carine floats.

maisie #1 and #2 said...

this is amazing! unfortunately i have no idea what it is based on... but it is still amazing!
i love when carine says "like i said, i know karl", like it answers everything.
mental note: must use that line more in daily life!

/maisie #1

La Couturier said...

that is amazing. if only!

La c.

La Couturier said...

Thanks for stopping by! =] Madness is quite amazing; the color is perfect! Happy belated Valentine's Day, btw!

La C.