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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fashion Week F/W 09

So, being that I just came home from a horrific cast party (I had to see Shopaholic again at 3 in the morning. It was a horrendous movie, yet again. No one listened to me..."You're always such a harsh critic, Gin. Maybe it's good?" Everyone fell asleep.), I never knew that something like a "party" could be so tortuous. Journey blaring from the speakers? Having a horrible selection of movies?

Oh, by the way, we rented out a movie theatre for our musical cast party. It was so dumb.

ANYWAYS, the only reason I find myself alive right now at 6:51 in the morning and not being dead for about a week is fashion week. Or all fashion weeks. My favorites? I had some...

Alexander Wang really redeemed himself from his last collection, which I personally didn't like much. Now, he knows his own skin concernning design, and he'll probably stay comfortable in that skin for a long time to come. And hey, that's a benefit to all of us, right?

I was suprised by Burberry this season. It was so simplistic. Okay, it was borderline boring, but I, not wearing a color brighter than white, liked it a lot. I would wear a ton of pieces from the collection and can't wait to grab inspiration for my wardrobe from it.

I also really enjoyed Rodarte. The boots, I must admit, aren't really practical but beautiful none the less. And the clothes! The amazing clothes! Such a great aesthetic.

What are your opinions on Fashion Week[s]?

Oh, and I want to say I will be updating more often and hopefully outfit posts soon. I'll have to see what happens concerning school (aka Chemistry), but I'll finally be back.

(And if none of this makes sense, it's about 7 in the morning.)

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brooke said...

good luck with chem! I likewise loved burberry, I will be so inspired by it... haha and I loved Rodarte's boots. amazing.

Brooke xx

lydia said...

ooh..that sounds like an awful excuse for a party. yes, burberry and rodarte were very nice. overall, i was a little bit disappointed with fashion week, but that's just me. there were a lot of really great collections.

ew, chemistry.

Anonymous said...

i love the burberry dress you picked. it's so beautiful.

Maverick said...

Absolutely crazy for Rodarte. I also love the fact that platforms are back in...

Great post :)

Merily said...

beautiful dresses!