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Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm feeling like a criminal...

I actually got no gifts today except for some fudge from my friend. My mum said she wants me to go with her tomorrow to get my gift...wonder what it is.

But, whatever. I'm now sixteen. I'm happy. I'm listening to Downtown Train. Yet again, I'm happy.

Otherwise, I have no great big birthday post. Sorry kids.

I'll post something better this weekend. Like what I got. And other stuff...pinky promise.
EDIT (3/22/09):
Okay, here's what I got:
- A cell phone (!!! it's been 3 years! But, it isn't here yet. I'll see what happens)
- Diana F+ Camera (Yes, 2-3 years as well...I got the 35 mm back because I have no darkroom which would make it impossible to develop 120 film)
- Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde


coco said...

The balloon picture is so sweet and summery.

lydia said...

haha, no worries, i love andrew bird as well.

hooray for being happy!

yiqin; said...

:) Happy belated!

Maverick said...

Oooh, happy birthday :) You'll have so much fun with a Diana-I have a Holga and I love it. Mine is 120 mm, but you're right, it's so hard to get the film developed :/


THE BAT said...

happy birthday!

Alice X said...

yeah, my birtdhay was not too special too. i love that album from bob dylan. what's 300000 years ofart?


brooke said...

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!

congrats on your awesome presents and reaching 16!

love the photo too =]

brooke xx

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! sweet sixteen, it's a good age, enjoy it.

Sam said...

Happy birthday!