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Thursday, April 9, 2009

One word: Help!

Last christmas-not this past one, the one before that-I recieved a pretty hefty gift card for Saks. Yay! Here's the story though. I found these AMAZING oxford shoes from Marc by Marc Jacobs ON SALE! I was so excited that I bought them. When they arrived, they didn't fit. My fashion soul went into a coma.

Now, I have found nothing to use on my gift card! The shame! I need help finding something substantial. If you could go on to the Saks website (http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/) and find something for me that would be good for me in the long run, I'll be so happy and eternally grateful! And no YSL bags: my gift card isn't that large!


Maverick said...

Eek, that does sound like a dilemma...not sure..but good luck with it!

Too bad about the marc jacobs shoes, too...


Lauren and Jennifer said...

OMG happy belated bday!!! We HAVE THE SAME BDAY!!! I turned 16 to.


yiqin; said...

Ok I am off to the site now!