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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If only, if only...

We had an early dismissal from school today. And no rehearsal...and no tests (well, physics--- I'm in regular physics, who cares?). I'M FREE FOR ONCE!

I'm currently watching Flight of the Conchords. "Sally," if any of you care.

But, anyways, Paris Fashion Week is just around the corner, and I was thinking what I would wear if I was invited. Or just to any fashion week in general. But, I thought that you have to balance comfort and chic. You're running around all day! So, here's my idea:

Jil Sander shirt, Giles & Brother necklace, Philip Crangi cuff, Lanvin bag, Givenchy boots, J Brand jeans

First of all, I always feel comfortable in a pair of jeans and an over-sized oxford shirt. If I have the choice to wear that pairing everyday, I would without doubt.

And who could pass up the opportunity to wear Givenchy boots?

I realize this post is REALLY late. So please bear with me!


lydia said...

oooo wow yes, that would be an amazing outfit to frolic around paris in.

Amy said...

I really love that outfit and those shoes are amazing. Isn't net-a-porter great? Check out my blog. It's new but i'm working on it :)

sexyinthecity said...

love this outfit! sure you would be amazing!!!

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

amazing love the chain, bag and boots, great selection!!

We'll be back!
Come take a wee peek@TBAG xxx

hrose said...

love love love it! the lanvin bag is perfect colour accent to top it all off. making me wish i had an oversized oxford now too.


Hannah. said...

sally is a horrible girl.