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Saturday, September 19, 2009

P.S. I love you.

P.S. I Love You...a great song (click here) and a horrendous movie.

But, yet, it's also my declaration of love to Proenza Schouler's Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough for their AMAZING S/S 10 collection. Aren't I just that brilliantly, IQ 150-clever for that name?

But, WAIT! It has color? Tye-dyes? Multiple colors way out of the spectrum? And Gin, you like this? I mean, let's put this bluntly and in all caps: IT'S THE TOTAL OPPOSITE OF ME.

But, just look at how interesting this collection is. It's rebellious and cool at the same time. Plus, the sunglasses are out of this world. Don't we all need a break from Ray-Bans at some point?

The collection has a mix of tribal accessories (how L.V. S/S 09), a large cube of acid, and a whole lot of relaxation. I made fun of my Civics teacher for wearing his jacket around his waist intentionally on a field trip once (yes, I can be cruel with lack of sleep). But, here, it's just so...cool.

Even though the white dresses borderlined straight-jackets (I'm not scaring off the human race by posting them), I give a standing ovation for P.S. I have never been so wowed by their collection. Just amazing.

By the way, changing the playlist. I don't think you can listen to "Run Run Run" so many times without having to run away.

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Anonymous said...

thanks gin, I knew I could count on you to support me.

But it seems to me we have come to a cross roads. Because how could you love this proenza schouler collection? I hate it! The hair was so bad in my eyes, and those dresses seemed like they were made for bed. (shakes head) i was very disappointed. but there was one white dress i liked, but that's it.

now donna karan, that was my standing ovation collection.

brooke said...

it's such a great feeling to suddenly love something you didn't before, to see the reason behind it - opens up a whole new world of your wardrobe! (and a whole new line of debt...)


sexyinthecity said...

Hola guapa!!
ya estoy de vuelta de mi viaje ;) ha sido increible!!! Me ha encantado Thailandia, es un país maravilloso!!
Estuvimos en Bangkok, luego subimos al norte (Chiang Mai) y luego bajamos a las playas de Krabi. Me he quedado enamorada de ese pais y quiero volver!!!
Ahora estoy poniéndome al día con todos los blogs y viendo todos los desfiles de la semana de la moda de NY y de Cibeles. ¿Conoces el desfile de pasarela Cibeles que se celebra en Madrid?
Dime si no entiendes algo de lo que te digo y te lo explico, vale??
Un beso!!

yiqin; said...

I am in love wit the second dress <3

jessica said...

ohh i lovedlovedloved that collection .

lydia said...

yess i loved the collection too. the weird alien/bug dress is crazy awesome.

Ashley said...

Love the hair in the first photo.