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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Please Buy Me These

So, I'm horrible. No update for forever. I apologize. It was mainly fall play, which closed on Sunday with a fantastic show. Now, I'm catching up on my homework, sadly enough.

So, as I procrastinate, I'll just make something of my shopping list. Well, my DREAM shopping list.

I think of my style as half tomboy, half Brit (the McQueen clutch really puts that out there), and half of my own personality.

Okay, so, it isn't UBER CRAZY UNUSUAL in big neon letters, but it's me at least. I'm confident in what I wear and don't try to either look like a scene kid or Cory Kennedy (who I must admit is very cool, so no offense to her).

And also, you might think Wayfarers are "totally overused" or "out." If you really like them, wear them. By gosh, people! Don't follow trends! Be you.

(That was not intentionally made to sound like a school counselor.)

But, good news. Camera might be a happening thing...after Christmas. At Fall Play, I pretty much fell in love with two versions of the Canon Powershot. But, I like this one:

If you have this or another camera, tell me what you thought!!

Okay, done.


Anonymous said...

i'm loving the choice of the alexander mcqueen clutch.

Chloe said...

That camera reminds me of chocolate :)

I have the silver powershot and it's really good for quick pictures

coco said...

Wow I love that necklace. So pretty.