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I am an individual stuck in a rut who loves to re-name her 21 cats in the cabin she lives in at the edge of that god-awful forest on the other side of China that no one can reach.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hi, my name is Ginny, Gin for short, hence the name of the site. I'm sophomore in high school...total geek, fashion and theatre wise.

So, my first blog, citychicplease, had a funny name. Isn't this better? That's what I think. And I was slightly impersonal or whatever (my true apologies for that).

But, enough about bad memories. I've loved fashion since the summer after sixth grade (I used to be a HUGE tomboy). I thought it was such a cool world. A bit nostalgic looking back on it...

So, I'll eventually post pictures once I:
a) get a cellular device
b) get a camera.
(My mum does have an SLR, but I'm always so afraid I'll drop it or something).

Hope to talk to you all soon...

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Anonymous said...

oh cool new site! i guess i'm a little late, cause I just left you a comment on your older post. but ignore that! thanks for considering the name. it suits you. not in an alcoholic way, but in a you gotta have it way! ok i'll stop rambling now. and i'll be sure to link you.