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Friday, January 9, 2009

Cool People: Jarvis Cocker

I am a HUGE fan of Jarvis Cocker. When I say I've been pining his solo album for ages, I mean it. "Fat Children" has been a favorite of mine for over a year, and "Common People" (by Pulp...which he was lead singer of) ranks in my personal top 10 favorite songs. He is, personally, quite witty, and he's such a great character off of the performing stage.

And plus, he and Camille Bidault-Waddington are just so awesome together. They're even on my English binder.

Discotheque Confusion did a post on them and their opinions on fashion just recently. I thought it was very interesting, if you want to read it here.

(I thank you all for your advice on the shoes. It's much appreciated!)

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(Hey, does the comment box work? Or is it schitzo?)


lydia said...

jarvis is pretty cool guy, and i don't even know much of his music! i think i should listen to him more..

haha i see that you have an unhealthy obsession with deer, seeing as your aim sn is even "deerdeerdeerr" hahaha.

that quote is amazing! though i think i would've like the chocolate just as much hah.

yiqin; said...

Yeah they are def a very good looking couple together!

dapper kid said...

He is pretty damn awesome, and I am so jealous of his glasses lol.

Anonymous said...

jarvis is hardcore

THE BAT said...

oh i love belle and sebastian. i haven't listened to them in a while but they're really good. you've probably heard this but have you heard of ready for the dancefloor by hot chip it's really good!

THE BAT said...

aww thank you! that is so sweet! by the way i love this post!

Paper Heart Girl said...

I love Jarvis Cocker! He is one of my heros. Ah. xx