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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finals & Other Stuff

So, my first final's on Friday, and gosh, I'm behind on studying (I basically spent the weekend studying for two tests today). I might be off here for a little bit, so please don't think I've gone to another dimension or something.

But, nothing but musical has gone on in my life. I saw the Yale Wiffenpoofs (their male a capella group) at my sister's school on Saturday, and they were awesome. Being a huge Gilmore Girls fan, I was psyched to see them. I even got to talk to them afterwards! I wish I had pictures, but it would be slightly creepy to put a group of guys dressed in tuxs on my blog. But, I googled their official site, if you're really that interested...

And thanks for all your feedback on the shoe post! I really don't think the comment box for the Jarvis Cocker one worked (say what!?), so boo Blogger.

Also, the awesome Brit published a post on her Xanga blog inspired by my shoe thing! Please check it out.

But, I'll be back probably next Thursday. So, be patient, my dears. Ta ta!

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lydia said...

bleh, good luck on your finals!

yale wiffenpoofs? interesting. i've never seen gilmore girls so i wouldn't know what significance they have with the show, but that IS interesting. haha.

Rosanna said...

good luck with finals :D


yiqin; said...

GOOD LUCK! & the guy in the photo looks hot!

THE BAT said...

hot! i tagged you! love your new song! i'm going to download it right now.

Anonymous said...

the two necklaces are from barneys. i know the skull one is made by finn.

Anonymous said...

omg ginny. i just read your xanga comment. it's so funny how you got in trouble for making that symbol. i recetly did the same hand symbol for an art project at school. and this guy in my class was so offended by it. and it was hilarious because he's the most out there and vulgar person i know.