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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I need shoes.

Talk about me being busy! I apologize for not being to comment back a ton of people. It's called musical starting.

But, anyways, I looked at my closet floor the other day, and I realized how poor of a shoe collection I own. I need to stock up on shoes. My last shoe purchase, I believe, was a pair of Converses. Not bad, I must admit, but I need some more stylish shoes.

But, any affordable suggestions?

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PS: Thanks for all the comments everyone.


Anonymous said...

my suggestions from price list low to high.

forever21, macy's, aldo, nine west,
bebe, steve madden and their steven store, zara, and barney's co-op

good ballet flats: charlotte russe (of however u spell it) steve madden

shoes for everything in general: macy's

shoes for events or going out / heels: bebe, nine west, and bloomingdales

yiqin; said...

I think Gojane & Urbanog has pretty good affordable shoes!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

thanks :)
ohh nice shoes! x

lykee li and devendra are my guilty obsessions, yet, not really so guilty. as I truly ADORE THEM! :)

THE BAT said...

awesome i'm add you right now. aww thank you i love your new song too! tell me if you find anything really good that i should download! i'll do the same for you.

lydia said...

i don't think i can help you in the affordable shoe department, seeing as i get all my shoes for $20 at a thrift store, but if you need some really nice, sturdy pairs of boots, spats, or ballet flats, i suggest looking at camper. it's my favorite european shoe place ever, and the prices are usually around $100, buuut they last forever, and i wear them every day.

Malena said...

I'd help, but all my shoes are thrifted. Actually, Target sometimes has some interesting options for low prices

dapper kid said...

Hmm well for general purposes, you can basic pumps/ballet flats pretty cheap and in every colour and material known to man!

♥ fashion chalet said...

thanks :]
ohh I love 'long haired child' too!!


karl's sweet child said...

hahahaha..funny header!!

Ana said...

You just made yourself an awesome person in my book by having a Goldfrapp song on your blog. Just saying.

Um affordable shoes....meh..idk.I cant really think of a store that solidly churns out nice cheap shoes.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I don't have many shoes, i've had knee problems my whole life plus big feet so everything is working against me!

kait.lyn said...

honestly, i can't speak highly enough of forever 21's shoe selection. it's amazing how well their styling has come along. also, urbanog.com has quite the selection of cheap shoes, you just need to be patient enough to browse through the 3482930423 pages. haha. but honestly, my favorite way to find cheap/chic shoes is to go thrifting. it takes a lot of time and a lot of patience, but the gems you find are always worth the effort.

happy shoe hunting!!

love your blog!