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Sunday, December 28, 2008


For me, I've really changed in 2008.
a) I ditched hoodies. Whoo-hoo!
b) I gained a ton of great friends.
c) I've moved my blog from Xanga to Blogspot.
d) I'm just busier.

Really, I like the change, but I'm not gonna go on about that.

Gin's Style of '08:
a) Alexander Wang I've become OBSESSED with Alexander Wang. I know I sound similar to every fashionable girl out there, but there's a reason why he is so popular. I think I might have to find an AW shirt alternative at American Apparel.
b) Skinnies I don't care what trends might say; I still love my skinny jeans. I love H&M and Cheap Monday brands the best. I'm actually wearing Cheap Mondays right as we speak.
c) Studs I've always had a fetish for studs, but now, I can wear them without being ridiculed. I wish I could afford find better studded cuffs (I hate the Hot Topic ones), but I am learning to DIY them.
d) PS1 Purse My need for a PS1 purse has semi-replaced my dream for a Birkin. I mean, a PS1 is no Birkin, but it's pretty close. I love how casual it is.
e) Christian Louboutin Astraqueens My number one most needed/loved shoe right now. All my friends know this is the shoe I want. Could someone just buy them for me, please?
f) Gloves I love gloves! They work with anyone's style! I especially love the ones pictured from Rodarte. They're over $500, but I know I can create them for just $15 or along those lines.
g) Blazers I've loved blazers since the 7th grade, but I haven't found a decent one for me. Now that they're really popular, I can get them anywhere. I'm so happy.

Oh, and here were the songs I listened to way too often in '08.
1) Anything by the Last Shadow Puppets
2) Je Veux Te Voir- Yelle
3) Cross Your Fingers- Laura Marling
4) Across the Universe soundtrack
5) L'Accordeoniste- Edith Piaf
6) Who- Five O'Clock Heroes feat. Agyness Deyn
7) Great DJ- The Ting Tings
8) Kids- MGMT (best MGMT; totally beats Electric Feel's ass)
9) Guess Who Batman- Lily Allen (It's called F**k You on her new album)
10) Bye Bye Blackbird- Josephine Baker
11) Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered- Sam Barnett
12) M79- Vampire Weekend
13) This Charming Man- Smiths
14) Holland 1945- Neutral Milk Hotel
15) These Days- Nico

There is so much more, but I felt as though it'd overwhelm the post.

So, as I hope you realized, this is my last post of 2008. My friend's father is not doing so well in the hospital, and she needs her friends with her. Depending on what happens, I don't know when I'll repost.

And I just remembered; I have finals I need to pass in 2 weeks. Ew.

But happy new year everyone!

12/31/08: So, thinking makeover of site in the new year, eh? See some changes before my next post.


lydia said...

well, i'm saddened that you won't be posting for a while, but happy new year and good luck on those finals! also, i love those rodarte gloves.

THE BAT said...

love your song list! most of those are the same for me! i know with marley and me at first i was like just get rid of the freaking dog and then by the end i was like bawling.

Anonymous said...

i will forever love my skinny jeans.

And as you are leaving hoodies behind, I'm starting to embrace them. I know this is a choice I'm going to regret.
Believe it or not, I don't know where I stand on Alexander Wang. For most of this year I thought I was his number one fan. However his collections haven't been getting any better, and now I'm just wondering if I had just jumped on the band wagon. Studs are my love. I'm trying to learn how to wear them without being too goth or too punk.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Hi!!! x

So glad to find another Belle and Sebastian fan!! :) aren't they just amazing???

Is marley and me sad?

Happy Holidays! x

THE BAT said...

Yeah you have such great taste in music I'm so happy that there's someone else who listens to all this great indie music! A few of my really close friends do but all the rest are so mainstream and I can't take it! We're definetly going to have to exchange playlists!

THE BAT said...

Oh yeah and Marley and Me I was trying so hard not to cry. I really didn't want to mess up my makeup. Hahahahah is that totally horrible and selfish?

♥ fashion chalet said...

I'm sure I would cry. I am sensitive especially to sad films. But it's funny too, right? :)

Happy NEW YEAR'S EVE!! xxx

PS: great b&s song, I adore them so much. xx

*L said...

happy new year.. we all love alex wang for a reason! its bitchin.

yiqin; said...

Alex Wang's sucha genius. Considering how young he is!!! I want some stud bangles too!

THE BAT said...

okay if you find these gloves for a good price please please please let me know!