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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We wish you a Merry Christmas...today...

Well, I got an early Christmas present from mi padre.

Isn't it pretty?

Well, actually, I've been pining it for a while, and I actually bought it WITH my dad. So, yeah, does it make sense now?

But, I'm really so androgynous, and this bag adds a bit of my happy flair plus adds some color to my grey/navy/black wardrobe.

(It's actually not the benign red you always see. It's really different and beautiful.)

(And it's Marc by Marc Jacobs, easily one of my favorite brands...)

Well, that's all I have to say. Christmas is in...what? 2 DAYS! Excited.

I might update on Christmas or after. Otherwise, happy Chanukah to all Jewish readers out there...

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EDIT: I got the Canon Powershot for Christmas. Actually, the exact same one I posted (the one that looks like a chocolate bar). Let me say that it looks 10x prettier in real life.
Pictures hopefully soon!!


Malena said...

Congratulations on your gift, it's a beautiful bag! Merry Christmas to you

lydia said...

WOW that IS a beautiful bag! and i'm really picky about bags, but that's just...wow. merry christmas!!